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Flood Resilient Cabinets and Kitchens, Northern Rivers and Beyond

Project Details

In an era of climate change, our focus on creating sustainable designs takes on greater meaning. Our flood resilient cabinets and kitchens are forward thinking, helping to future proof interiors from further disasters.

In the early months of 2022, devastating floods smashed through the Northern Rivers and parts of Queensland. As members of the Northern Rivers community, which was one of the hardest hit areas, we were personally affected by the impacts of the historically high waters (our business was flooded).

In the wake of these events, and the recovery process that followed, our team spearheaded the opportunity to research and design a unique range of flood resilient cabinets and kitchens.

Our signature designs make flood resilient cabinetry look attractive in residential and other settings as we use a combination of cutting-edge innovations, various materials and hardware in wood and metal-based products. Having flood resilient cabinetry and kitchens takes away the stress of having to throw out furniture, and is an exciting field we are excited to explore further.

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Diligence to execute noteworthy projects.


Waste reduction methods and eco-friendly products are paramount.

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