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Cape Byron Lighthouse Museum Heritage Cabinetry Improvements

Project Details

Customised protective displays to add to heritage cabinetry for museum artefacts at the heritage-listed Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Feature materials

Dome nuts Hand-painted black patina finish
Screen Perspex
Timber Hoop Pine

kw: Heritage Cabinetry

Laurent was approached by National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW who are the caretakers of Cape Byron’s iconic Lighthouse. They need to be able to safely add small artefacts to the existing heritage cabinetry displays.

The lighthouse was constructed in 1901, and the building is heritage-listed. As part of the brief, Laurent was not allowed to interfere with the existing shelving or brickwork. He was also required to use Hoop Pine to match existing cabinetry. You will notice the colour tones do not currently match as the new materials have not oxidised and matured yet.

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