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Un Ring, Steel Sculpture

Project Details

Permanent steel sculpture artwork acquisition by Byron Shire Council for the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk.

kw: steel sculpture

A large ring-shaped steel sculpture made from laser-cut mild steel which forms the structural parts of the piece. Sheet steel is then neatly welded in place around the outside and insides of the ring’s arcs to form a solid shape.

Dimensions: Circle external dimension 2300 mm x 166 mm. Subterranean base 600 mm x 1730 mm max
Weight: ring 170 kg and base 75 kg

The ring is assembled in three puzzle-like sections. The joins are shaped like puzzle pieces. A naturally occurring superficial rusting covers the entire surface of the structure. It is then locked in with a clear coating that provides protection from further rusting, oxidation and handling.

Artist’s Statement

The concept for this work came through researching circles. Circles appear in the earliest symbols and signs of our ancestors. Lots of cultures use circles to mean different things, but always it comes back to connection, unity. A Circle can also symbolise a doorway, or window, a view into another side of reality. In rituals, it often symbolises a rite of passage, and the circle holds great mystical significance.

I invite viewers to make their own interpretation about Un Ring’s meaning. They may even wish to create their own ritual when passing through Un Ring.


Corner of Burringbar St and Brunswick Terrace, Mullumbimby

As featured on the following year’s event poster

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